Check out the video below for a sneak peak at Semerano Power-Arm Program!


Semerano Power-Arm Program

 In the Power-Arm Program students will participate in a number of biomechanical drills, as well as strength, speed & stability exercises specifically geared toward the overhand throwing athlete.  In this program, Coach Rob will work out with the players, taking them through the exact same drills & exercises that have allowed him to still throw a baseball over 100mph in his mid-30's. In fact, while training with Tom House in California in 2015, he threw a 2oz baseball 109mph!


The main focus during this program will be:

  • Rotator cuff strengthening

  • Forearm/hand strengthening

  • Throwing biomechanic drills

  • Using overweighted and underweighted balls and footballs for arm speed and arm strength

  • Torque drills

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Click on the video below on the right to see Coach Rob throwing a 2oz baseball 109mph with Tom House

Please print, fill out, and bring this registration form with you to The Semerano Power-Arm Program.

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Player's Name
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Above: Coach Rob and his players are hard at work.

Above: Coach Rob and his players are hard at work.