This is Why College Coaches Love the “Smart” Players

Ballplayers today are just better.  Not only in their skills, with more dominate pitchers, more powerful hitters and faster runners, but also in their knowledge of the game, training techniques and overall health.  When you're a “smart” ballplayer you help your team in many different ways.


College coaches love smart players because they are able to give them academic scholarships, saving more of the athletic money for other players who don’t qualify for such money.  Coaches don’t have to worry about academic probation for the players with solid grades.  Also, the ballplayers with higher grades bring up the overall team average.  Not to mention, nothing is more valuable to a coach than a guy who “gets it.”  The coach will only have to tell the smart ballplayer once.  The smart ballplayer will know and follow the team rules, he will be a leader to his teammates and take each task given to him, seriously.

Coach Rob always knew the importance of keeping his grades up.  He was first in his class from 7th grade through his senior year of high school and he ultimately graduated as Valedictorian.  His high average opened the door to going to any college of his choice.  In the end, he received a full academic/athletic scholarship to Fordham University.  Once there, he went on to be named the number one student/athlete.  When he was drafted, the Oakland Athletics made a point of acknowledging Rob’s academic achievements.

Your grades can make you or break you.  Be the teammate who is strong and reliable on the field and in the classroom.  There’s an old, expression that goes, “pay me now or pay me later.”  When it comes to “getting it done” there is no better time than now to pay the price.  Work hard today, both athletically and academically,  if you want your future to be as bright as it can be!

Work Hard, Play Harder then Reap the Rewards!

Coach Bob