Strong at 60

As many of you may have heard, and some may not, 4 weeks ago my dad ("Coach Bob") took a bad fall resulting in 4 broken ribs & a puncturedlung.  Since that time, he has been in & out of the hospital twice.  After 5 days in ICU, his lung completely re-inflated & we thought we were "out of the woods."  Unfortunately, after being home about 1 week, my dad began running a temperature of 103 degrees & was having a very difficult time breathing.  It turned out that the lung was 3/4 filled with fluid & needed a surgical procedure to pump the fluid out.  That was performed successfully on this past Thursday.  Fortunately, by Friday the 2 tubes were removed from his chest & he was able to walk around with no problems.  Yesterday, we got the exciting news that dad would be allowed to go home!  Needless to say, Dad has been through a lot in the last month.

The most exciting thing about him being home is today is his 60th birthday!  I'm so glad he can be home to celebrate it.  Without out going into too much detail about his fall & some mishaps he went through in the ER, it's clear to me that we are lucky to still have him here with us.  It could have been much worse than 4 broken ribs & a punctured lung.

Those that know me know that my dad & I have a very close relationship....with baseball right at the heart of it.  When something like this happens to family members it really makes you appreciate them & cherish your relationships with them even more.
My baseball career & our baseball academy would never have been possible without my dad's guidance & support. I owe him all the thanks for showing me how to make the dream of playing professional baseball come true.  By being the 1st player ever drafted by an MLB team from my hometown of Port Jervis, NY, he paved the way & proved to me that kids from small towns can accomplish big dreams.

He's still inspiring young players today with his positive belief that when you have faith, dreams do come true.  Recently it's taken a lot of faith & a lot of prayers to help Dad through this tough time.  One big prayer answered was him being home to celebrate his 60th Birthday.  For that, we are all very grateful.

Happy 60th Birthday Dad!