Essence of a Ballplayer Part 3

With Memorial Day coming this weekend, so comes a slew of tournaments our players will be participating in.
I love a baseball tournament just as much as anyone, but there is 1 major draw back to them if your team is not adequately staffed with pitchers.

I'm a big proponent of recovery time for pitchers & the proper spacing of volume of pitches.  For instance, I will have coaches tell me "I threw player "X" Friday, Saturday & Sunday 3 innings each day, but he's not going to pitch for 2 weeks again."  If that's the case, that player will need that amount of time off, maybe longer.  The coach sees it as "he's only throwing 9 inning in a 2 week period."  However the spacing of the volume is way to small at first, then way to long.
Another example is: I'd rather a pitcher throw 100 pitches of 7 innings than 40 pitches in 1 inning.
The total volume of the first is greater, but the spacing of the volume (recovery time) makes it much easier on the body than lumping 40 pitches in a row.

With this in mind, I felt it appropriate to share part 3 of my presentation to Northwestern University.  This part focuses on injuries in baseball before & after.


Best of luck to all of our teams & players this weekend...Be Smart.
Hope you enjoy the games.