Opening Day is so exciting whether it’s in the Big Leagues or Little Leagues. Some say, especially us here at BLT, it’s the best time of the year. 

You know what we tell our students at BLT?  “Each team has equal records!” It really doesn’t matter anymore about who beat who last season, the only thing that matters is how each player performs from April 4, 2016 till the last game of 2016! And as the expression goes, “hope springs eternal.”  

Although opening day is the beginning of the season, it’s really the marker of when the hard work of winter workouts kicks into gear. All of the time spent on throwing, batting, fielding, running, stretching and strength training will start to pay off. 

Ask yourself this:  Did I strength train? Work on my flexibility? Skill build through drills? Or work on the mental part of the game?  If the answer is yes to ALL OF THESE QUESTIONS, expect to start getting better results.  Your season is going to be great and a reflection of the hard work you put this past winter. 

We had guys and girls training all winter long at BLT. Some were enrolled in our Future Prospects Program, some in our Do as I do Program, Speed Strength & Agility, and some just came for individual, dual or small group lessons!  I can tell you the Coaches at BLT are looking forward to hearing some awesome reviews from both the parents of our players and the players themselves. One thing we love to see is a student who worked so hard all winter long come in after their opening day gushing with pride and accomplishment!!

Here’s how the baseball year works and this is how we run our programs. The baseball year is broken into three separate training periods. Players who know this and train like this are the ones who get the best results.

Off-season training generally begins a week or two after you stop playing in the Fall.  It’s a period of time used to build strength, work on endurance, increase speed and become more flexible.  You should also use this time to revamp your skills if they need to be improved.  If they are already good, give yourself a month or two off from the actual skill (pitching, hitting etc.) and concentrate on becoming a better athlete.  By athlete, I mean a stronger and faster baseball/softball player. Work on your sports specific skills with a weighted balls program, strength training and a running program.  In short work on your SPEED.  Remember it really is speed that distinguishes each level as you continue to play.  If you train and don’t emphasize speed training, you are cheating yourself out of being truly competitive.

Preseason training is from January to the start of your season.  Use a well monitored skills program.  It’s now time to incorporate all of your new strength and put it into action.  Also, it’s a good time to get some readings on your sprint times (40 or 60 yard dashes), throwing velocity and bat speed.  These numbers will provide you with a good marker to compare yourself by in each subsequent season.  Again, be specific as to your training.

This brings us back to your Opening Day and in-season training.  This period is a conditioning maintenance program.  A general rule of thumb is you will lose about 10% of your off-season max strength by the end of the regular season.  If you put in the time and build significant muscle, you should have enough reserve to have a strong season.

Our training programs at BLT will help facilitate the hard work players put in during the other training periods.  We like to say, “Practice makes permanent.”  So, train wisely and develop a plan to maximize your true potential.  Incorrect training will actually hinder your results.  Train hard and train smart!

Good luck with your Opening Day…we look forward to hearing all about it from our students!  Feel free to comment below about how opening day went for you!

Coach Rob and I are looking forward to getting some subs and watching the games…ALL DAY! A tradition that will never get old for us!

Have fun!

Coach Bob