I Got the Call From The MLB Scout…BUT I’m Only Half Way There

I just hit the half way mark to my 6 weeks of recovery from my New Year's Day appendectomy and I feel like a kid counting down the days until Christmas.  Physically it's definitely been tough, but mentally it's been excruciating!  As someone who loves to be physical, especially when it comes to playing & training for baseball, it has been a real challenge taking it easy.

To add insult to injury, a week ago out of the blue, I was contacted by a scout from an MLB team expressing interest in seeing me pitch this week.  He had seen me throw several times & another scout within that same organization saw me pitch this past Fall in the mid-upper 90's during a workout.  It was the call I had been wanting to receive for the past 6 years. Unfortunately, because of the healing process from my appendectomy, I had to let him know that I was not able to throw a ball until mid-February.  As I mentioned, he had been following me for a while & had tried on several occasions to sign me.  Because of my age, it has been a process getting an organization to offer me a contract.  The scout had told me that he reported to the club that in the area he scouts (NY & NJ), I had the "best arm he's seen out there right now."  It sounded like this phone call was my shot at getting an invite to Spring Training & I could do nothing about it. Obviously, I was very disappointed & so was the scout.  He was not concerned in terms of my "baseball physical health" since the surgery doesn’t affect my ability to throw.  It was just bad timing, or was it?

On the surface, it definitely looks like bad timing (some may say bad luck) & believe me I certainly felt that way too, at first.  However, I got some good advice from my dad, my mentor in life and in baseball!  He said to me that “now is the time to really kick into gear all that we preach to our students.”  This is where that mental strength & resiliency can be built.  If I could not only recover from this, but also come back stronger than ever & create a new opportunity, then I did it! I created empowerment by practicing exactly what we teach to our students…and I cannot wait to experience that feeling!

 We are constantly teaching our students about bouncing back, handling tough breaks, persevering and now it's my turn to do exactly that.

Although, I still have to take it easy a few more weeks I know I'm taking it easy for a purpose. That purpose is to be 100% healed & ready to go to get after it again.  I truly love this game & love throwing a baseball.  I'm going to play it & train to play at the highest level as long as the desire still lives in me.


To all players out there remember that when one door closes, it’s up to YOU to create a new door to open.  Don't look at it as bad luck, rather the opportunity to really see what YOU’RE made of!


Stay tuned for the update on my recovery and my journey to becoming stronger (both mentally and physically) then ever!


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