What do Nolan Ryan, Tom Brady and Rob Semerano have in common?

Tom House, Rob Semerano & Bob Semerano

Tom House, Rob Semerano & Bob Semerano

When I was confronted with the opportunity to work with one of the greatest throwing experts in the world, the decision was easy! I knew the knowledge I would gain from Pitching Expert Tom House would not only help me with my come back to Major League Baseball, but more importantly it would allow me to better prepare my students for their baseball/softball careers!

Tom House is not only known as a pitching expert, but he is known for his expertise in throwing.  House has worked with well-known MLB pitchers, such as, Nolan Ryan, Randy Johnson, Rob Nen, Cole Hammels, as well as, NFL quaterbacks Drew Brees, Tom Brady, Alex Smith, Carson Palmer & many other collegiate-level football players too.

A week with Tom House gave my father and me a deeper understanding of pitching/throwing bio-mechanics. We learned about functional strength training and what effects a proper diet, nutrition & sleep have on a player’s game.  We also learned tactics to achieving optimal emotional & mental focus, as well as, game day strategies for pitchers. 

While working with Mr. House, he had me throwing a 2oz (under-weighted) baseball to train my body/arm to move faster & throw harder.  It's a good way to, as Tom puts it, "see what kind of potential arm speed is in there."  In the video below, I was clocked at 109 mph!  You'll also catch some valuable feedback from Mr. House.  

Overall, the experience was priceless!  We are excited and ready to share it all with our students and their families.


Pitching Expert Tom House working with Rob Semerano