Thousands have this priceless gift…but Never discover it

Now this is Perseverance…Matt Harvey giving up a leadoff inside the park home run & settling down after that to throw 4 scoreless. Salvador Perez, feeling beat up physically from the entire post season, and still taking yet another foul ball off his hand early in the game, only to grind it out and keep playing. Juan Lagares battling against 98-100mph fastballs (with a few breaking balls & changeups mixed in) & fighting enough to get himself on, steal a base & score what could have been the winning run for the Mets. Then Alex Gordon keeping his head in the game to then get a home run in the bottom of 9th to tie it up off a closer who hasn't blown a save in forever, sending the game into extra innings & ultimately the record books. The Royals fighting their way back this season after losing a devastating 7 game World Series to the San Francisco Giants last year. An organization despite being labeled "the same old Mets" grinding it out to become the NL Champs to then compete against the Royals. These are 2 Major League franchises that have not won a World Series since Reagan was in office.


My point to all this is, it’s no coincidence that these 2 mentally tough teams are the last 2 standing this postseason. Julie Andrews said it best “Perseverance is failing 19 times and succeeding the 20th

So just how does this relate to you and your player? Since owning Big League Talent we’ve had a lot of parents share with us just how unhappy they are with the playing time, position decisions or where their child is placed in the batting lineup.  Their concerns are definitely valid and when asked if we think their player should leave the team mid-season our answer is always the same, Stick it out!  It’s always best to just approach the coach respectfully & ask him/her what Johnny has to do to prove he deserves to be in the lineup, on the mound, or batting higher in the lineup.  Ask the coach to let you know what Johnny has to do to earn the opportunity to be out there helping the team.

It's not always easy, in fact, it's usually NEVER easy; but it's an opportunity to build a toughness & grit to fight through challenging times.  Wise players will view it as such. Young players need to learn how to stick it out, even if they feel like it's an unfair situation.

Never accept where your child is if you feel he/she is better than that, instead accept it for the moment, but only until you figure out what your young player needs to do to overcome it.

Sometimes, unfortunately, there might be a situation that is abusive to the player or he/she is being mistreated, and if that is the case leave that team as soon as you can.

However, what I'm talking about is overcoming times that are not ideal; staying focused on the Big Picture and working hard to get to the top of the team.

Players, managers & staff on both of these big league clubs know all about tough breaks & unfair "hands being dealt," but they would not be where they are right now if they did not "learn" how to bounce back.



Perseverance does not guarantee you will bounce back & SUCCEED, but it is the only way to give yourself THE OPPORTUNITY to succeed after being knocked down.

My advice is to build and nurture this habit to persevere at a young age.  It may pay off big in the end.

I don't know who will win this World Series, but I do know it's going to be a battle & whoever is willing/able to get knocked down, just to keep getting back up, is going to give themselves the BEST OPPORTUNITY to be called World Champions!

Just Remember Perseverance is “A Hallmark of a World Champion.”

Share with us your player's perseverance story.